God's Plan

Ever been in a season of life where you can’t quite understand why you are not moving forward? You’ve worked so hard, you’ve been obedient yet you’re at a standstill. I encourage you to rest in Jesus, be patient, and rejoice in the blessings of others around you. He has the perfect timing and plan for everything.

Caleb, my husband, was sent to extended spring training yet again this year. Not what we were expecting and not what we wanted to hear. He had an awesome spring, with a batting average over (.480).  We had plans to travel full time and were so ready to take on the season. Why weren’t we promoted? Fear, doubt, and insecurities could have easily slipped into our minds, but we were reminded that God has a purpose for every battle we face and every victory we win.

With 2 days left of extended spring training, Caleb got the worst news of his career: ‘We are releasing you.’ Completely numb yet so confused, we had no words for what just happened. I immediately hit my knees praying. “No fear Jesus, no fear is welcome here,” I repeated over and over.  God quietly whispered, “Caleb was not being valued and my children will be valued. I released him, not the Cardinals.” Whoa, okay. Tears poured down my face. Not because Caleb was just released but because God reminded me of His children’s value.

I’m not going to say being released didn’t hurt, because it did. Rejection is real and nobody wants to feel rejected and told to “go home.” Although this was not what we wanted, we must look at the beauty rather the destruction. God’s purpose for our life is the most fulfilling purpose. His plan is always more beautiful than our desires.

This is not an ending but rather a new beginning. We are not saying farewell to baseball just yet. This is a minor set back for a major comeback. God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to our lives. Romans 8:28.

God’s Children: He will fulfill the desires of your hearts but will not hesitate to take them away when they are hindering you and not prospering your walk with Him. His desire is for us to be valued and that is more important.

Please join us in prayer as we trust Him with our next step in this baseball journey. May His will be done. In the meantime, we are enjoying the process and resting in God’s plan.