Becoming a new mom, losing your identity and comparing yourself. It’s real and no one talks about it.

I remember after having my first child, Lilly, I was so happy. She made me the happiest mama in the world, yet I was comparing myself to the ones who had more time for friends, ministry, dates, etc. I wasn’t who He was calling me to be.

Now I see first time moms on my social media crying out because they have lost who they are. No, they aren’t depressed, they are overjoyed with their little one. They are just searching for their new identity as a mom.

It took me over a year to realize being a mother is my greatest ministry but do not throw your identity into them. Your identity is in Christ.

If this is you, my prayer for you is to find peace in Him. Make time for yourself and do the things you enjoy. Motherhood can be exhausting and so overwhelming. So be sure to focus on you too, mama.

I’m here if you need me.


Sarah Lopes